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Van Saar Ash Wastes Arachni-rig

Van Saar Ash Wastes Arachni-rig

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Ash Wastes Arachni-rigs – known to House Van Saar as Arachnika Ash-jumpers – are armoured exoskeletons designed to traverse Necromunda’s rugged surface. Jump jets allow them to boost over obstacles, leap free of trouble, or unexpectedly drop in amongst their foes. Heavy weapons and surprising mobility make Ash-jumpers a match for rival vehicles and Nomad war parties, as they carve through Cargo-8 trains with laser and plasma blasts, clear rough terrain with flamers and rad guns, and snag targets with harpoons.

This multipart plastic kit builds two Van Saar Ash Wastes Arachni-rigs, outland variants of the Arachni-rig that can be added to any Van Saar gang. These mobile exosuits are heavily armoured and fitted with powerful jump boosters. Each sports twinned heavy las carbines on its hull, a pair of mechanical servo-arms, and your choice of two arm-mounted guns – a plasma gun or flamer, and a rad gun or a harpoon launcher.

Each Ash Wastes Arachni-rig can be assembled with a closed canopy, or an open canopy revealing the pilot, who comes with two different heads. They’re posed leaping through the air – adventurous hobbyists can also remove the pegs from joints in the arms and legs, allowing you to adjust the pose further.

This set comprises 120 plastic components, and comes with 2x Citadel 50mm Round Bases with flying stems. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

Rules for using Van Saar Ash Wastes Arachni-rigs can be found in the Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Ruins of Jardlan supplement, which is available separately.

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