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Trial By Trolley

Trial By Trolley

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Trial by Trolley takes the ‘Trolley problem’ and adds the often adult humour of Cyanide & Happiness. The Trolley problem places you as the driver of a trolley or tram that has a choice of two tracks. The problem is on both of these tracks there are people of some sort and you will have to choose which person or people to save and which to run over.

Trial by Trolley adds a Cyanide & Happiness spin to things by placing you in two teams and putting each team in charge of one of the two tracks, but also giving you a chance to mess with the other teams track. One player takes the role of the conductor who will ultimately choose which track to ride, killing it’s occupants. The teams will appeal to the conductor with card play and charm.

First each team will choose an innocent card to place on their track. This could be anything from a kitten cuddling a dog to a 10 year old cancer survivor. This is then repeated once, before each team then plays an evil card to the other team’s track. Anything from MechaHitler to Nickelback could be on these cards!

Lastly each team may play a modifier card to any card on any track to help swing things in their favour. After the conductor chooses the surviving team gets points and the conductor and teams are shifted round. Once every one has been the conductor the game is over.

While a lot of the cards are what we might call ‘adult’ or mature in nature, these cards can be removed and you can fix the deck to provide interesting philosophical debates, much like the original ‘Trolley Problem’ does. Or you can just sack it off and play for fun!

Players: 3-13 Time: 30-90 mins Age: 14+

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